Umpleby of Yorkshire


One of my ancestors was Umplby. Do you cover this name?

Yes. This sites includes the following variations of Umpleby: Umplebee, Umplby, Umplebie, Umplebye, and Omplebye, which have appeared in the IGI under Umpbley. Other variations, such as Humpleby, or anything that looks like a fair thing will be included.

I have noticed a lot of Frederick H. Umplebys in the IGI? Who is he?

I've only found one FHU - Frederick Howard Umpleby born 24 Feb 1894 to James H(argreaves?) Umpleby and Mary A. Howard. Fred had a sister called Amy, who was also born in Leeds, on 14 Jan 1885.

Nevertheless, the name Frederick H. Umpleby (FHU), excluding duplications, appears at least 231 times in the IGI and is frequently shown as a mother or a wife. No doubt many of these did not show mother or father in the appropriate field in the IGI. Faced with nothingness, I suspect the pre-1970 LDS researcher simply wrote FHU into the gap. If there is a real connection between the many FHUs and the FHU from Leeds, this researcher has identified a fair swag of Umplebys. However, I think it more likely that this person assumed Umpleby to be so rare a name he claimed them all.

Who was Sir Thomas Umfravil?

I don't know yet, but he was included in the IGI listing for Umpleby. I have suggested, on the The Umpleby Project page, that he may be the progenitor of the Umplebys, but I have no proof of this. When I find out more about him and his daughter Margaret, I will post the information on this site. In the meantime, compare the following IGI listings:

UMRAVIL, Margaret born abt. 1386 Yorkshire Sir Thomas UMFRAVIL
UMPREYVILLE, Margaret born abt. 1360 Constable Burton Thomas UMPREYVILLE

Thomas elevated during the 30 years between the two Margarets? Are these early Umplebys? I don't know whether these are actually variations or precursors of Umpleby, but the names are worth pursuing, if only to repudiate the suggestion they might be.

Why did you call your data file BUMBLEBY.XLS?

Say Umpleby fast a dozen times. It also conforms to the DOS 8.3 file-naming convention, which may be useful to some researchers.